The UIA may participate in international award and prize programmes that advance its aims and promote design quality, recognising excellent and significant works of architecture and urbanism.

The UIA participates in such programmes to elevate the art and science of design and construction, encourage respect for the built and natural environments and promote responsible architecture.

Award and prize programmes concern projects, designs or buildings that have been completed or realized. Such programmes differ from design competitions in that entries are not anonymous, but instead carry the names of their authors and often their clients.  Awards and prizes recognise the quality of realized projects. They distinguish their authors, and advance the state of the art.



Two-stage | Professional

UIA 2030 Award

The UIA, in partnership with UN-Habitat, has launched the UIA 2030Award to promote the work of architects contributing to delivery of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development together with the New Urban Agenda.

12/10/2021Award launch
09/11/2021Closing date for questions
14/01/2022Deadline for submission of Stage 1 entries
15/02/2022Shortlisted Stage 1 entries informed
25/04/2022Deadline for submission of State 2 entries
26/06/2022Winners announced at WUF11
Keywords : Rural planning, Sustainability, Urban Landscape
Open | Professional

Results: The 5th Edition of the Baku International Award

Region IV - Asia and Oceania | Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan (UAA)have announced the winners of the Fifth Edition of the Baku International Architecture Award. Endorsed by the UIA since 2015, competitors in the 2021 edition of the Award included 193 projects submitted from 38 countries around the world.

Keywords : Culture, Heritage, Institutional
Open | Academic, Professional

The UIA Innovation in Architectural Education Award 2020/2021

The UIA is pleased to announce that 16 projects from 9 countries on 4 continents were submitted to the inaugural edition of the UIA Innovation in Architectural Education Award, organised by the UIA Education Commission and launched in November 2019, to celebrate innovation across cultural and geographic boundaries and to promote inspiring pedagogical practices contributing to the creation of sustainable environments.  

Keywords : Education, Sustainability

The Daylight Award 2022

Region I - Western Europe | Denmark

The Daylight Award, established by the philanthropic foundations VILLUM FONDEN, VELUX FONDEN and VELUX STIFTUNG, honours daylight research and daylight in architecture, for the benefit of human health, well-being and the environment. The award places specific emphasis on the interrelation between theory and practice.

30/09/2021Deadline for nominations

4th Golden Cubes Awards

The Golden Cubes Awards (GCA) honour people and organizations that help children and young people to develop a better understanding of architecture and the built environment.


5th International Baku Architecture Award

Region II - Eastern Europe and the Middle East | Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan have launched the fifth edition of the Baku International Architecture Award, an open, biennial award with the support of the UIA.

Keywords : Culture, Heritage